Toy Review-Taf Toys All in One Baby Car Toy for your princess!


Trying to find a perfect toy for your little angel while travelling in car? This is something good which you can try, the All in One Baby Car Toy.

Taf Toys All in One Baby Car Toy

We have increasing acceptance of car seats (for babies) in India now. Car seats are safer and hence highly recommended.

Specially for single parents driving around, with baby in car seat, is comfortable.

But definitely it is very good for any one who is planning to use a car seat for their little ones !

This is a set of toys which can be hanged around in the back seat of the car. And it has very colorful set of hanging toys attached to it, which babies of this age group love.

So what all you have in this ?

  • A baby safe mirror
  • Music and light system which gets activated by babies kick
  • Colorful hanging toys which attract the babies

This set also has a car mirror, which helps you see the baby in the rear view mirror while driving. Not sure how helpful is this.

Because this might block your rear view while driving and this can be more un-comfortable.

But I feel that with proper adjustment and placement of this toy center you will be able to manage this well.

All in One Baby Car Toy

So this is definitely a nice idea to keep your little angel engaged while you are driving.

The only drawback is that it is on a high side of price. May be because it is a imported product. It is available on amazon.

All in One Baby Car Toy

Do feedback your comments if you have already tried this.

Happy and safe driving.


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