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LEGO Family pet toys – a good gift for 2 year old!

Looking for a cool toy for 2 year old? Lets look at LEGO Family pet toys. We have always looked at lego for some nice block toys..but this one from LEGO is also a great buy!

Give them this LEGO Family pet toys set which includes
Dog, cat , rabbit and birds
– Some accessories like flying disc, brush, flower and brick block with carrots printed on it

Though you can buy individuals little toys to make a set, this toy set from LEGO has many advantages like

  • Safe design
  • Kids safe plastic and colors
  • Bright colors
  • LEGO quality.

Why LEGO Family pet toys?

Toy animals appeal a lot to kid of all ages. LEGO animals and sets ( LEGO Family pet toys ) are full of creative play scenarios. These are grooming supplies and activities that allow toddlers, preschoolers and older kids for pretend play. LEGO animal toys with cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and many more animals in a nurturing environment.

Benefits of playing with kids are that playing with toy pets encourages kids to develop compassion and empathy. Let the kids play alone or with parents or friends

Lego Dog Toys

Look at below log toy. A City police unit and a cool gift for your little one.

LEGO Family pet toys
  • The toy set includes police officer minifigure and police dog
  • The police dog car also features handcuffs and walkie-talkie
  • The there is a open rear compartment for the dog
  • Total Unit measures 2-inch tall and 4-inch long

Toys for 2 years old’s!

This toy can be a nice introduction of your child towards animal kingdom. Along with your kid you can create stories around the toy and help develop their imagination.

I just gifted this to a little angel on her birthday and she liked it a lot. So go ahead get one!

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