Microscope Toy : Talking electronic microscope – microscope for kids


Microscope Toy (microscope for kids) – Today we bring you another cool educational toy from the market. If your child is interested in science this is definitely going to help him/her.

We ae talking about “Talking Electronic Microscopes”.

Microscope Toy

This Microscope Toy is suitable for kids in the range of 3 to 8 years old.

This is not a real microscope as such. It has slides which can be inserted in the microscope and kids can zoom in or zoom out for clear picture.

The Microscope Toy then describes the slide pictures like bacteria or part of human body etc, whatever is included.

View more than 180 amazing, up-close images with the Talking Electron Microscope! View various zoomed versions of 60 images and hear 5 fun facts about each image in Learning Mode. Switch to Quiz Mode and test your knowledge! Images include the human body, viruses and bacteria, plants, animals, and other cool specimen

This is a key scientific tool and this toy introduces it to kids in a fun way and helps generating interests in kids toward science and  scientific experiments.

The flip slide of this toy is that it has fixed numbers of slides and hence once all the slides are over, kids might find it boring and repetitive.

But this does not stop kids from getting excited about what science is all about and will help generating interest in this field.

Nevertheless, it is a cool toy which can help your child’s interest towards scientific exploration and discovery.

This toy (microscope for kids) is available on Amazon.in if you wish to get one!



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