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Popular toy brands in India

In many of our previous posts we have discussed about importance of toys in early stage development of kids. Or if we put it straight, toys are one of the primary needs of a child. So in this post let’s look at some Popular toy brands in India.


India is one of the top 10 toy markets. Definitely it is a big market and growing good year on year. It is also true that majority of this market is flooded with toys from China, Malaysia, Korea, US, UK etc.

The domestic toy manufactures account very less may be one third of this market.

But things are changing now and there are some Indian brands who are making their mark.

As a parent we always want to give our kids the best and we recommend branded toys as they are tested from quality and safety perspective.

Popular toy brands in India

In this post we are tying to list down some popular toy brands.

Popular toy brands in India


Funskool is one Indian toy company which has shown us that Indian brands can be as good in quality as foreign brands. This company has become one of the most popular toy brands in India.

Funskool - Popular toy brands in India - Made in India

It is a leading toy manufacturer from India and has a wide range of products for all ages. They also manufacture foreign toy brands under license and have retail shops across all major cities .

Hot Wheels

This is one toy which almost all kids have in their list of collectibles. Hard metal cars, spaceships, star wars and marvel themed cars.

What a quality they have and kids just love to collect them. Hot wheels brand   is owned by an American company named as Mattel.

So this has become one of the Popular toy brands in India.

Fisher Price

Who does not know about Fisher Price.

This is again an american company.  They manufacture almost everything for the kids.

So this is definitely one of the best toys brand which has been there for long in Indian subcontinent.

From new born to teen they have something for every age group.

From baby feeding bottles to baby playing toys to baby car seats, they are into almost everything.

They are also known for their quality.


Best friend of a girl child, this is one of the most famous brands in world. This brand is owned by Mattel.

Popular toy brands in India


Most loved brand of educational and construction toys. Popular across the world. LEGO is basically block toy.

Using the blocks kids make various shapes like a police station or fire house. Lego entered India long back and is also available on all online platform. It is a Denmark  based company.


One of the most popular brands world wide. Disney has toys for all ages. It is one of the largest and oldest toy manufacturers in the world.


Chicco is a Italian brand with direct presence in India.

They put a lot of emphasis on research, studying childs emotional and social needs and developing toys scientifically. They are also into many baby products apart from toys.

When you look into market, there are many Popular toy brands in India.

Indian as well as foreign brands. Apart from this there are many local brands as a large percentage of India toy market is unorganized sector.

Hence it is important to keep your child’s safety first and check quality and safety standard and take informed decision.

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