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What is ADHD?

In this post we are going to talk about ADHD. What is ADHD in Children?

For us, as parents all kids are equal and so are kids with special needs. Hence we thought of dedicating a special section to kids with special needs.

what is ADHD

So What is ADHD?

The full form of ADHD is : attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

ADHD, or the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, falls in the category of Neuro disorders.

It is a neurobiological disorder. This means that it is a disorder of the nervous system.

Though our blog is dedicated to the influence toys have on childs development and our aim is to discuss about the toys which can help a child with ADHD, it is important to first know what ADHD is and what are causes of it.

What does ADHD does in a child?

It in a way hurts the child’s social and academic ability. But how? can it be treated? Does it limits child’s potential? Are development aids for such kids?

Many such question comes to mind. Lets try to understand.

What causes attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ?

There is no clear answer. Some researchers talk about it as genetic disorder.

However researchers also say that environmental factors can also cause this problem.

May be a link with pesticides or preservative in the foods. But nothing clearly established.

Can smoking during pregnancy may also cause this. May be!

ADHD Symptoms – What are symptoms of ADHD?

Kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder get easily distracted, have difficulty in paying attention, difficulty in following instructions, difficulty to sit at one place, hyperactive, day dream, impulsive, restless etc.

ADHD Treatment – Can it be treated?

Of course yes. Infact many argue that this may not be a illness. But attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is not very uncommon. It is estimated that around 10-12% kids are effected by this worldwide.

If treated on time, it can be managed quite well. With proper treatment, kids are able to learn and manage the symptoms.

Does ADHD limits child’s potential?

Well this is a issue which needs treatment.  But it does not limits a kids potential.

There are many famous personalities who had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder . For ex Jamie Oliver, Jim carrey and many others.

Are there development aids for kids with ADHD? 

  • symptom management and medicines are a part of treatment. Child and parent training is also very important. As a parent we have to understand that if the kid is behaving different, it is not because he want to do it purposefully. We have to understand his/her problem and hence parent training is also very important.
  • Then of course there are regular and educational toys which aid his/her development. Giving them a simple toys with ample scope of creativity will help. For example giving them a clay box and allowing them to create various shapes out of it will help in improving their attention as well as creativity.

We hope that with this post we were able to draw your attention towards ADHD. Kids are kids. They need our attention and support!

Do let us know your comments!

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