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The preschool years – dramatic and creative

Your little angel is 3 years now. Time to go to preschool and then to Kindergarden (KG). This is the age when kids are most active and creative.

You would have already noticed that your little angel has started talking a lot :). This is age when she is going to ask a lot of questions. The time of preschool years!

Preschool Years, The age group of 3 to 6 years and is characterized by:

  • Lot’s of talking and asking questions
  • Learning about numbers
  • Trying to learn the language spoken at home
  • Like to play in a group
  • Like more of role plays, like becoming a doctor
  • Start learning to write
  • Loves playing outside. Playing in grass. Tying to climb up a small rock or see saw in a play area
  • Likes to ride bicycle, scooters  (more with wheels with flash and lights)
  • Loves to go out in car or motor cycle

Kids at this age have a enhanced level of curiosity and hence giving them appropriate toys can help them learn fast. For example give them a talking toy can help them learn names of fruits or learn numbers.

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At this age they try to start writing. Give them a writing pad. Allow them to scribble on it. This will slowly help them to learn writing. They like more role based plays. For example give them a doctor set or a cooking toy kit.

The point I am trying to make is that your little angel curiosity should be encouraged. Toys you give her should be able to encourage her to experiment and be more creative. For example building blocks. An excellent toy stimulate the brain.

I have tried to compile some list of toys which can help at this age.

Best toys and games for kids in preschool years

  • Puppets
  • Role play sets & character toys
  • Building blocks
  • Wheel toys
  • Soft toys, dolls and stuffed animals
  • Musical instruments like a simple mouth organ or a toy guitar
  • Toy cars, construction equipment, building materials etc
  • Puzzles
  • Outdoor activities – like tricycle, kids scooter etc
  • Climbing equipment
  • Water play
  • Story books for kids, talking books
  • Bat ball / cricket / football

There are many and as a parent you know it already. Point I want to reiterate is that the toy should enhance creative thinking of your little angel. Now a days many people give battery toys to kids. But think once, are these battery toys really helping in your kids development.  But then that is another topic for us to discuss.

Before we close, it is very important that sharp edge toys, cutting toys or electrical toys should be avoided.

Hope you liked reading our post! Please do write back your comments.

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