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Toys for 1 to 2 years old kids

Hello, Happy to see you back! Congratulations! you little angel is 1 year old now. Next one year is going to change fast.

This will be the time for your angel’s rapid development. lets looks at Toys for 1 to 2 years old kids!

Toys for 1 to 2 years old kids
Toys for 1 to 2 years old kids

If you would have noticed, if you give her a ride-on she will try to push it by her foot. That will be her first step of development towards her fascination of exploring the world around her on her own feet.

She will learn fast. By 15 months, she will start trying walking on her feet, without any assistance, trying to balance herself at every step.

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She will also try to start stand and sit and vice versa using a support.

What else, just watch for another 3 to 4 months and you will see her trying to climb on sofa or chair or bean bag by herself.

How can you help her during this stage to speed up her development. Well having a low height furniture, having cushions all around and carpet will definitely help and will also provide her some safety.

It is very important not to stop what your child is doing. But to create a environment which helps her/him play without any fear of safety issues!

That is one development which you are going to notice very prominently in this age of your kid. Give her some good ride-on toys to aid this development.

You would have also noticed that apart from moving all around the house, she also loves playing with the TV remote, spoons and plates, she will try to stack them together.

Giving her building blocks, stacking and connecting toys will help in her development.

Another important development will be that you angel will try to start trying to talk. Maa and Paa are the most loving words you and we all parents wait to hear. 

But important is to understand that your little angel is tying to learn and speak some real words. Give her some talking toys and this will stimulate her mind. Let her learn!

It is the time when you can start giving her “learning toys“. Learning toys are very important learning tools for kids.

There are many types of learning toys available at different ages. for example you can give her “Alphabet Abacus Learning Toy” at this age.

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