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Toys for babies from 6 months to 1 year

Your little angel is more than six months now. You should have noticed that she has learnt a lot of new things. She has become more active and needs a lot attention. That is very good. She is learning fast and you can accelerate her learning with some new set of toys and you have started looking for toys for babies from 6 months to 1 year.

Lets first try to understand her activities before we decide on what she needs at this age.

Toys for babies from 6 months to 1 year
Toys for babies from 6 months to 1 year

Understand and discover new things

You baby is able to identify objects now. For example a doll or a car has a specific shape. If you give her a number of dolls and cars, she might try to group them together or just segregate the dolls from the lot. Yes she is becoming more intelligent and you should try to help her in this learning journey.

Awareness of environment around her

You may have noticed that she has started recognizing you. But you have missed noticing is that she is becoming more self aware. She starts to understand for example about her hands and palms and how can she reach out to a item and grab it etc. It is a very very important development. She has started to understand that things exist

Able to move

You baby, your little angel has become more mobile. She has started trying to crawl. She can sit or stand with assistance. Trying to pull herself around. This is a major development for her.

Play, Play & Play

At this age most of the time kids spend is sleeping and it is very important for their development. However when they are awake, they want to play and play a lot. Just give her a spoon and she will start banging it on ground. Anything is a toy for her and whole world is her playground.

Below are the toys you can consider at this age

Action-Reaction toys

Get this cool set of toy from Fisher price. Let baby touch the toy and it just brings the toy alive with music and sound. A great action reaction toy.

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Stacking toys

Helps the baby recognize various colors, shapes etc and have fun organizing them, in the process learning more on hand eye coordination.

Crawling toys

Give you child a happy and crawling baby toy. Let him/her crawl along with the toy and see the smile on your little angels face. What else choose a crawling toy with music and light and see the fun!

Books – reading together helps in developing babies language skills

Gift your child his/her first library set. Read out loudly – colors, shapes etc..

Soft toys

Check out this cute looking soft toy for your little one.

Pull Along Toys

Household items – yes they can be toys as well

Just give them house hold items like plates, spoons, cups etc. They like these a lot. It can be best toy to engage them for hours and what more we all have varieties of house hold items in our home


Mirrors can be a big attraction for toddlers. You may know it already. Why not to convert it into a toy 🙂

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Happy parenting!


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