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Baby Gyms – How important they are during early stage developments?

Hello, welcome back! Today we are going to talk about another very important toy called Baby Gyms which offers a some important development benefits for you child at the early stage of development (0 to 2 years).

It has been a very popular toy in western countries, but now is becoming popular in India as well. So lets understand how it helps!

What is a Baby Gym?

A baby gym is usually a arch and small toys suspended from it. This arch is either made up of plastic or wood. At the bottom, below the arch there may  be a soft baby mat. Then they also have some cute lights, some sound making baby toys like a kick piano, soft toys of various animals like fish, monkey etc. All of nice bright colors.

Look at the image below.

 Baby Gyms
Baby Gyms

So how does this toy help in the early stage development of babies?

A baby gym has everything.  Soft and hanging toys which oscillate when kicked, it has bright colors, there may be some light and also some baby musical toy attached to it. A infant / toddler is learning and environment around her/him should provides the best tools to learn about sound, colors, movement etc.  Baby gym helps the baby with this learning.

  • Visual Tracking & Hand-to-Eye Coordination: When your baby kicks the toy it moves and your baby tries to follow it and catch it.
  • Stimulates Senses: Baby gym comes in bright colors, varied textures and may have sound. All these stimulates your babies senses.
  • Control over body movement: Your baby will try to kick and reach out to the toys suspended from the arch. This will help him/her balance his/her body and the it’s movement. It is a great way of learning.
  • Increases Focus: Your baby will learn to focus. Focus on the toys hanging from the arch.
  • Physical development: Kicking and trying to reach out to the toys, helps strengthen your babies muscle.

All above all very important development needs of the babies from 0 to 2 years and  a baby gym is surely an important tool in helping them develop these.

Hope you liked this article. Is your baby below 2 years? Next time you see a baby gym do consider buying it for you little one.

Have a nice day!

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