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Make kids laugh – Laughing and giggling toys

Do you have too many instructional conversation with your child? How many time you laugh in a day and more important how many times you make your kids laugh in a day? Who dosen’t like a giggling baby. And there is a reason you should be pushing you baby or kid to laugh more and more. Let us look at some Laughing and giggling toys for kids.

Laughing and giggling toys

As a parent we love our children a lot and hence many a time our logic of discipline takes over everything. Because we feel that it’s the only way for the child to grow up as a matured human being. But this is not entirely true. Whether it is a new born child or a 13 year old kid, laughter should be most important part of his/her day. Below are some of the reasons why we all should be a “FAMILY THAT LAUGHS TOGETHER”.

  • Laughter release a chemical called as endorphins in the body. This a “feel good” hormone and hence boosts up the mins.
  • Laughter also helps in lowering blood pressure, improving immune system
  • Laughing releases tension. We all know how stressful todays environment is. Specially when kids start going to school. Laughing can be a real stress buster for kids like it is for us as adults. This is more important because kids don’t even realize that they are stressed.
  • Memories – As a adult we always remember how old days, when we used to laugh and have fun. Special memories gets created in our mind from our child hood days. Don’t we want our kids to have those memories?
  • Love and trust – creates a atmosphere of love and trust with in the family. This helps kids grow up in a more emotionally matured human being.
  • Helps in developing a good sense of humor in kids. A good sense of humor a great social skill. Isn’t it?

Whether it is a new born baby, a school going kid, teen or adult, above holds true for all of us. So isn’t is not good to become a family that laughs together and laughs a lot?

We can increase laughter in our interaction with our kids. Apart from that we have many funny videos available on sites like you tube which can make environment light. But there are also many toys which can help you little angel to giggle or your grown up kid to laugh. Below are some examples.

What do you think about this topic. Do write back your comments.

Coming back to some toy examples which can help you kiddo giggle / laugh –

For example below are some soft toys (available on almost all e-commerce sites and retail stores)

Laughing and giggling toys
Laughing and giggling toys

The you can try many other funny toys like Funny Monkey or Funny Orangutan or elephant or money drummer toys, dancing duck or jumping turtle etc.

Laughing and giggling toys
Laughing and giggling toys

For grown up children, funny videos, books can be a better option. One thing to remember is that this is something which cannot be achieved by just toys. As a parent we have to engage with our kids and make sure that with in family we have such a environment. Toys are supporting tool. It starts with us !!

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