Looking for a gift for 5+ year old – Sky Kids Art Set can be a good option

Stumbled upon this while searching for a nice art kit for my kids. Though there are many art kits available in market and you can also create one of yours, but this kids arts set looked interesting.

Look at the below image, kids arts set from Mitashi

Kids Art Set

The Kids Art Set contains a good number of oil pastel, crayons and all other basic kit like pins, scissor, paper clips, pencil and sharpeners etc.

And since it’s a complete package, it’s easy to carry and everything is available in one package.

Not very costly as well. Available on all the ecommerce sites and local stores.

Why should you gift and Art Set?

Helps encourage creative thinking in kids

And this is a no brainer. We all know arts and drawing helps encourage creative thinking in kids. Let their imagination take wings, create different shapes / pictures and color them as per their imagination. This is one of the best gifts for them definitely.

Relieves Stress

Do kids get stress. Yes they do. May be a bad day at school. Fight with friends. Anxiety of a stage performance or any competition or any things. Kids can get stress too.. Just give them some good color pads and an art set and you will see the change.

Stimulates Brain

Creating art definitely stimulates brain. Helps make brain become more sharper. The concentration needed by child, helps improve memory power. So this is one of best ways to let learn your kid become more focussed .

Keep them engaged

Last but not least, this is one of the most important challenge for us parent. How to keep them engaged and definitely, this is one of the best ways to do it.

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Check it out!

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