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Toys For Holi

Holi is all about colors. This is one of the festivals which kids enjoy a lot. It is not just colors but the toys , the water guns specifically which kids enjoy a lot. We used to have a very simple water guns before, our simple pichkaris were our best friends and today with changing times we have lots of various varieties of toys and water guns. Let us look at some Uniquie toys for Holi in 2020.

Unique toys for Holi in 2020

From simple toys to variety of character and super hero toys, we have lots of options to check out this Holi season. So friends let our kids enjoy the sweets and these unique toys.

Pichkari with Tank Back Pack

This is unique and wonderful Holi toy. It has a tank and gun which works on pressure technology. Throw capacity of gun is quite good and it could be fun for kids. Since the tank can carry around 2 Ltrs of water, this reduces the need to refill.

pichkari with back packFor girls

Tank capacity: 2 litre – big size
Throw capacity is of the gun is more than 50 meter

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Pichkari back pack boysFor Boys

Tank capacity: 2 litre – big size
Throw capacity is of the gun is more than 50 meter

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Water Bullets Toy Gun

This is one of the good ones available in market. The cool thing in this toy gun is 280 water bullets which gives kids an ample opportunity to play. The shots of the gun is made from water polymer which breaks when hitting the surface and water evaporates.

You need to put bullet in water for 3 hrs for it to soak water.

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Super Shoot Soaker Squirt Action Games Water Gun Pump for Kids 

This is another wonderful toy for Holi. For elder kids, this is one of the perfect toy. Made up of hard plastic, this toy is also good for beaches, outdoors and other fun parties and hence you can use it, not only for Holi but after Holi as well.

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High Pressure Holi Big Pichkari with Back Holding Tank 

Great throw capacity.Easy to operate.
Kids will have unlimited fun with this Holi Water Gun with tank.

It is made of Non-toxic Plastic, entirely made up of plastic, thereby it is light-weighted and easy to handle.
Ideal For Both Boys And Girls.

Throw capacity is of the Gun is more than 30 meters approx.

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Friends, there are many cool ones like this in market. Apart from simple pichkaris, there are many which are just trendy and fun for kids. So do get one for them.

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