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holi safety tips

Tips for Safe Holi

Holi means different shades of color. This is probably on of the most enjoyed festivals by kids. Bollywood songs, all different types of sweets, different varieties of dry fruits .. what not .. all these make Holi a very enjoyable festival and more so for kids.. Holi is all about colors and along with that comes the fear of skin allergy and other issues . Today we have some suggestions for you on tips for safe Holi which is very much needed for kids.

Some common health related issues post holi.

  • Skin allergy
  • Sun Burn
  • Stomach Problems
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Body Ache and Fever Due to Tiredness

Preparation Before Holi

It is best to be prepared, The most affected part is skin and best to make sure that our kids skin are well prepared before they go out and play holi.

Today all colors contain chemical and they have definite affects on skin. The best way to make this effect limited is to apply some kind of protective layer, like almond oil or coconut oil. This oil becomes a protective layer between skin and the color and also makes the cleaning a bit easier later.

Apart from skin allergy sun burn is also an issue and a screen lotion can also help. So try it out. What else do make sure that you buy and apply kids lip balm.

Safety tips during holi celebration

  • As much as possible let them play with organic colors. Today there are organic colors available in market and it is very good for skin for you and yourselves.
  • Try to use basic colors. Basic colors like red and pink are safest colors.
  • Use nail polish on their nails. This is will help protect nails from colors
  • Make sure you take skin care precautions as discussed above
  • Apply a good amount of oil on hair
  • Make sure that colors do not get into eyes and face
  • Make sure that kids do not swallow any color
  • Make sure that they do not drench in water color a lot
  • Educate them of permanent dyes and make sure that they are away of it.
  • Educate them about things like bhang and make sure that they are kept away of it.
  • Educate them of dust and allergy
  • Make sure that they are not indulging on sweets a lot.
  • Keep pain killers and some probiotics handy

Tips Post Holi

  • First get rid of dry colors. Use baby oils, they are very safe on skin.
  • Make sure that kids do not use much soap on face , instead use some home remedies like besan, honey or turmeric powder.
  • If the kid is feeling tired, keep pain killers handy and visit doctor if needed
  • Having some probiotics is very good. Give them lots of curd

Follow these tip for a safe and great holi. Have a fun time with kids!

Happy holi


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