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LEGO Technic – 2019 best seller

LEGO has come up with LEGO TEHCNIC CHERRY PICKER. Today we talk about LEGO Technic – 2019 best seller. It is a good gift options for 7+ year olds.


LEGO has always been interesting for kids. To assemble these toys always needs a lot of concentration and hence LEGO toys are good for improving

  • memory ,
  • concentration,
  • Hand Eye coordination etc.

When was LEGO Started

Started in 1932 in the Danish village of Billund, LEGO today is the most prominent and leading brand in block toys. It is now one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world.

LEGO itself is a brand established in 1932 and has carved out a niche for itself. LEGO now offers toys in budget range and is available in both online and offline platforms.

LEGO Technic

Coming to this building block, this toy is ideal for 7 to 13 years old kids. This particular toy helps the kids understand basic of gears , force & movement. It has some cool features like detailed lifting mechanism with working boom and basket, hazard warning lights, warning beacons etc.

LEGO Technic - 2019 best seller

Key features:

  • Help the young one to understand the basic of gears, force and movement
  • A detailed lifting mechanism with working boom and basket, hazard light warning system, working wheels and tires, and working beacons
  • help improve concentration
  • help in developing fine motor skills

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LEGO Technic can be a nice gift for your 7+ year old.

You can buy LEGO Technic on amazon, flipkart and firstcry. Hope your kid will like the toy!


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