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Toy review – Nerf N-Strike Nano Fire

Friends, are you looking for a small pocket gun for your little one. Today we review Nerf N-Strike Nano Fire. A perfect toy for your little one or a perfect birthday gift for little heros. Welcome to this article of toy review – Nerf N-Strike Nano Fire – blue and green.

Nerf N-Strike Nano Fire

This is a nice looking toy which is compact and kids can take it anywhere. It can be a good travel toy.

It is a single shot blaster and this means that the dart is to be loaded after every shot and this is actually good for kids as they have some time between each shot and hence reduces the risk of accidental hitting. Also since this is shooting toy, aim to eyes should be avoided under any case.

The original package comes with 3 darts. But in case you need more, there are darts available in the market.

This toy is a great product. The quality is also good and last long. The only disadvantage is that kids need to load dart after every shot, but as we have mentioned before, it can be a blessing as it reduces the risk of accidental hitting.

The price of this product is around INR 350 to 400 , but if you are not really concerned about the size of gun. that is if you are not really looking at the compact size of the toy then there are many other alternatives available in the market. The disadvantage is that you cannot carry it pocket and is more meant for older boys.


Nerf FalconFire AccuStrike Elite Blaster — Dart Storage — Includes Official Nerf AccuStrike Elite Darts Designed for Greater Accuracy

Nerf Disruptor Elite Blaster — 6-Dart Rotating Drum, Slam Fire, Includes 6 Official Nerf Elite Darts — for Kids, Teens, Adults

Nerf Tiger DB-2 Alpha Strike Toy Blaster – Includes 12 Official Elite Darts – for Kids, Teens, Adults

Have you already tried this pocket gun. How has been your experience? Do comment back!


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