Shape Sorting toys and benefits it offers!


We always try to give best toys to our kids. In this process we sometimes tend to ignore toys which look very simple (and they are actually very simple), but are a very powerful learning tool. Welcome to shape sorting toys !

What are shape sorting toys

So one such toy is shape sorting toys. These toys have been around for long. These toys comes in various colors and shapes and are a good learning toy.

It is a three dimensional toy. A box type of toy which has holes for shapes like rectangle, square, triangle and circle.

Then there are pieces which can fit into these holes. Now this makes this toy interesting because it helps the child learn about the shapes.

Benefits of shape sorting toys

Below are three major benefits of shape sorting toys. You can see that these simple toys are such and important tool for learning at early stages.

Improves hand eye coordination

One the best toys to develop hand and eye coordination in kids. Hand Eye coordination is the skill which uses the body’s visual system that is eyes to coordinate the hand movement.

hand eye coordination is one of the basic skills which a baby develops and is one of the important parameters in childs development. These skills are very much evident in sports like tennis, football cricket etc.

An early and proper development of this skill is very much needed as it is used in all day to day activities.

This simple toy helps a lot in this skill development when a child tries to fit in a shape in the sorter.

Improves grasping skills

Holding the blocks in a right way and placing that at the right spot is very crucial in developing and improving the grasping skills in a child and this toy definitely helps in promoting this skill.

Improve problem solving skills

The Sorter has different shapes and different sizes of blocks and hence it forces the child to think and then apply the brain in such a way so that the correct block goes into the space provided.

It may be the child gets it wrong many a times, but a constant practice of this helps the child to identify the challange and fix it. This then definitely helps in improving the problem solving skills in the child at a early stage.

The shape sorter comes in different shapes and sizes and are simple and some are more advanced ( choose based on age).

One thing which needs to be made sure that the sorter is made up of wood or good quality plastic and does  not have small parts. Also make sure that edges are smooth.

Check out some of these cool shape sorter toys available in market today

fisher price shape sorter

This fisher price butterfly shape sorter is a perfect fit for a 6 month old child. these 6 chunky colorful block can be a wonderful addition to your childs toy set

Shape Sorting toys

shape sorter wood

Check out some of these wonderful shape sorter wood toys. they come in beautiful colors and are also safe as they are light on edges and safe due to natural color. Environment friendly.

Shape Sorting toys


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4 thoughts on “Shape Sorting toys and benefits it offers!

  1. Wooden Toys are actually increasing children’s Ability
    We also love the wooden toys
    That’s why we have lot of stock like, Puzzle, Building Blocks, Tool kit, Or 36+ new arrive
    Love to seeing this post

  2. Wooden Toys are actually increasing children’s Ability
    We also love the wooden toys
    That’s why we have lot of stock like, Puzzle, Building Blocks, Tool kit, Or 36+ new arrive
    Love to seeing this post
    Thank for the sharing

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