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Buddhijal (or Brainvita) – an interesting brain game for kids

Buddhijal, also called as Brainvita is an interesting brain game.

What is Buddhijal (or Brainvita)

This brain teaser , Brainvita, is a very old game with its reference recorded both in western world and in Indian subcontinent.

In west it’s called as Peg Solitaire while here we call it as Brainvita.

How many marbles are in Brainvita?

This board game consists of a round or square board with holes to hold marbles. All the holes are filled with Marbles except the central one.

There are 32 marbles in this game.

How do you play Brainvita?

The objective of the game is to make moves in such a way that you get rid of all the marbles except the central one with a condition that you jump the marble over other in the empty hole and then remove the  “jumped over” marble.

Keep on doing this till only one is left. The challenge is to have the central one left!

Best part of this game is that, it is played singular, i,e only one person gets to play at a time. One who finishes fastest wins. It can be played indoors or can be taken to a picnic or on travel.

Who invented Brainvita?

The first proof of the game can be traced back to the court of Louis XIV, and the precise date of 1697, with the engraving of Anne de Rohan-Chabot, Princess of Soubise, by Claude Auguste Berey ten years later, with the puzzle at her hand.

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Benefits of Brainvita

It’s not only a enjoyable game, but also helps in brain development and hand & eye coordination.

There are some good videos available on you tube.  Below one is simple and easy to understand!

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