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Kids moral story Amma and her compassion

Kids Moral Story – Amma and her compassion

Kids Moral Story – Amma and her compassion : The moral of the story is “Selfless compassioon is ones biggest strength”

Amma and her compassion

Once upon a time an old lady lived in the city of Jodhpur. All the people lovingly called her amma

One day Amma was going to buy some grocery. She saw a very poor woman cleaning the street.

The poor women was wearing torn clothes. Amma went to her and asked her name and asked her why was she wearing the torn clothes.

The poor lady said – Amma my name is Leela and last weekend when I was in a hurry my saree got stuck in a nail and got torn.

She told Amma that she lives in workers colony with her husband and child. She also told amma that her husband does not earn enough so she has to work

Amma asked her what else did she do. The lady told hamma that she first collects all the old clothes, [paper and plastic from the road and then cleans the road,

So amma again asked her if she goes home after doing this. The lady replied that she would not make enough money just by doing this so she goes to some shop for cleaning job and in the evening she sells fish in the market.

Amma really felt sad for Leela and she was concerned that Leela’s life is quite tough and is full of struggles so she decided to help leela.

So next day Amma bought some clothes for leela and her children and also some books for leelas children Leela was very happy. She told Amma that there are very few people like her who care for others.

One day amma was crossing the road when a car hit her. Amma fell down. Every one near by came and gathered around Amma. Leela was there cleaning the road. She also herd the noise and went there. She saw amma lying in pool of blood. She immediately tore a part of cloth from her saree and tied it around amma’s head from where the blood was coming.

She then took Amma to hospital. Everyone else was just watching.

When Ama became conscious she called leela and thanked her for what she has done

Leela replied that she has not done anything Amma. She only returned Amma’s kindness and support when Amma was in trouble, just like Amma helped her in bad times.

Moral Of the Story: Selfless compassion is ones biggest strength

Hope you liked the Kids Moral Story Amma and Her Compassion.

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