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LEGO – Endless possibilities!

Who doesn’t know about LEGO today. These toys are actually blocks, colourful blocks of various shaped and sizes which can be assembled into many different shapes. It is probably one of the best toys we have today and is popular everywhere in the world. These colourful block are fun …!

LEGO is actually the name of the company which started in 1940 in Denmark. They started with colorful plastic blocks which can be stacked together. These toys became so popular, not just in Denmark, but across the world.
And now this brand and toy has become synonymous.

LEGO has become and important educational toy now.

So popular that in Europe/US, it is part of school education and teachers use them for teaching purposed.

In India, as well these toys are becoming increasingly popular. Though the cost is little bit on higher side, the benefits and value these toys offer are worth the spend.


So How does LEGO help on kids development?.

Let’s try to analyze certain points.

Improves creativity & Lateral thinking

Raw blocks which can be stacked together to turn all of them into a ship or a car. It’s about your child imagination and he can turn the blocks into beautiful shapes.

Develop problem solving skills

Your kid should know to fit all the pieces together at the right place to get that perfect shape. If something is missing he needs to figure it out and make sure that they are in correct position. He has to improve his skills with every build.

Help build confidence

Blocks are simple and complex. With every completed build you kid has a sense of achievement and this helps in building upon his/her self confidence.

Helps developing social skills

There are complex ones, bigger ones which requires kids to work as a team. With all the members of team contributing and helping each other. This helps in learning team work and developing the social skills of your child.

Help developing fine motor skills

LEGO is made of many many pieces of various shapes and sizes. Many of them are so small that it is difficult to fit them in fingers. While trying to fit these pieces at their places kids improve their skills handling, twisting and applying required pressure etc. All this helps developing their fine motor skills which helps them in writing for example.

So next time you find your kid asking for a LEGO, think of above. It is actually worth it! It definitely offers endless possibilities for the kids.

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