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the dangerous rumor

Kids Moral Story – The Dangerous Rumor

Kids moral story The Dangerous Rumor – The Moral of the story is – Never believe in rumors. Verify before you act!

Kids moral story The Dangerous Rumor

Long long ago there used to live a king. His name as Suryavanshi and he was king of a country named MahanNagar. He was a very brave king and he fought many wars to expand his kingdom. He was also very nice to his people and solved all the problems of this people. The people of his kingdom were very happy and loved him a lot.

The king had several ministers and these ministers used to advise him on various issues. His chief minister was Chintamani and he was a very intelligent man. He spoke very less. But whatever he said was always correct and wise. The king used to take his advice very very seriosuly.

Once a old lady came from another village to stay in Maha Nagar. Everyone thought she was a witch. A rumor started spreading that whoever sees here will land into trouble and something bad will happen to them. So people started running away from her. She used to go to people to talk to them, but they used to turn away from her.

The king Suryavanshi also heard this rumor. He ordered 2 of his soldiers to bring the old lady to the king. However the soldiers got scared. They thought what if something bad happens to them if they catch her. Who would save them then?

One of the soldiers said – If we do not catch the old lady and bring her to the king, the king is definitely going to kill them for not following the orders. But if we catch her, we will only get into some trouble, but we will still be alive. So it is wise to bring her to the king.

The next day the soldiers caught the old lady and brought her to the court. The king was seated there with all his ministers. At the same time, a spy of the king Suryavanshi entered the court. Seeing his secret spy the king left the courtroom to have a discussion with him.

The spy told the king that the nearby king of another state names Vijayananda was planning to attack Maha Nagar in a months time. The king after listening this called his army chief for a discussion. After discussing with this army chief he discussed this issue with his council of ministers and asked his army to get prepared for any attack from neighbouring state.

The old lady was again brought to the court the next day. All the ministers said, that this lady should be hanged as as soon as she was brought to the court, the king got the message from the spy and he has to spend the whole day in discussion, with out eating food. They said that she was a bad omen. The king agreed with his council of ministers and ordered the lady to be hanged.

The old lady was very scared. She started crying and pleaded with king that she is not a witch and that she was a poor lady.

Kings chief minister Chintamani was listening all this very patiently. He pleaded with king to delay her hanging for few day and he would like to investigate this further. The king trusted Chintamani a lot. So he agreed.

Chintamani did some enquiry about the lady and then went back to king. He said “Maharaj I dont think this old lady is a witch. She is from neighbouring state. She is a poor lady and came here in search of work and food. She used to run behind people begging for food and they started thinking that she is a witch. If it was so, then the soldiers who caught her should have got into some trouble. But nothing happened to them. Also you got the news about king Vijyananda’s plan as soon as she entered in the court, which gave us time to think and plan against this attack. So she is infact a good omen.

King Suryavanshi was very relieved after hearing this . He told Chintamani – ” Chintamani you are a very wise man and best I have got. Thank you from saving me from doing this sin.”

The king then ordered release of old lady and also gave he food and shelter to support her and told the people of his kingdom not to treat the old lady in a bad way.

Moral of Story The Dangerous Rumor – Don’t believe in rumors. Always verify the truth before taking any action.

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