Wooden Phirki Toys – cute traditional spinning toy

Do you remember this toy?


We are so much of a fan about modern spinning toys like BeyBlades, but there has been cool spinning toys in India traditionally and has been very popular. I have written about one of the more known traditional spinning toy from our childhood – Lattu and today I realized that there is one more which I missed. I have used this in my child hood.

These used to come in wooden make, but we also used to make it from the parts of old motor from mall toys or the wheels of small cars. Yes if you remember it now, I am referring to “Phirki” or “Firki”. It used to come as a wooden toy, but then we had ways to make it from various other ways as described above 🙂

I thought of writing about this here as, while browsing through various retail websites, I was surprised that these are actually available on Amazon, Snapdeal and few other sites which are selling  Indian traditional toys.

When we look at various modern days toys we talk about what they offer in terms of kids development like fine motor skills, hand eye coordination. If we see our traditional toys they also offer the same. Look at this Phriki or our good old Lattu which we covered in previous posts, they are an excellent example of toys which build han-eye coordination and fine motor skills! Our traditional toy designs were as scientific!

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