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Pithoo – Do you remember this game?

Pithoo – Do you remember this pithoo game? If yes, then you definitely had a nice time playing outside when you were child 🙂


What is pittu game – Other names of Pithoo

Pithoo / Pittu also called as Lagori in Kannada is a very old, traditional Indian game or the verge of being forgotten. There are many such traditional games which are not either extinct or limited to rural areas.  In many other part of the country it is also known as Satolia, Dikoria, Satodia, Lingocha eyc.

Why to play Pithoo

Pittho is a nice game. It provides a lot of physical activity. But it also a game of concentration and since it involves a team play, it can be a important game from social interaction perspective.

The game is indeed very simple and kids just need 2 things to play this game – one is a tennis ball or any soft ball and other one is set of seven flat stones which can be stacked over one another.

Pithoo – Lagori

How Pithoo is played – pithoo game rules?

So this is how Pithoo is played and pithoo games rules by which it is played.

  • Stack the stones one above another (ie. make the Pittu tower)
  • Make 2 teams (1 & 2)
  • First each player in team 1  tries to break the Pittu tower from a distance (Usually 15 meter or so)
  • When the player is able to knock the tower down, they have to build it back and during that time team 2 tries to out each player from team 1 by hitting them with the soft ball.
  • If team 2 is able to hit the main thrower from team 1 or all the players of team 1 before they are able to build the tower, team 2 gets the point and if opposite happens team 1 gets the point.
  • This is repeated with team 2 and this continues till all the players have got a chance
  • The team with maximum points wins

There can be some variation to the steps, but basic remains same, break and rebuild the pittu tower and accumulate points.

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Have you played this game of Pithoo in your childhood?. Do you cherish this game? Do write to us with your experience.

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