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Sports are great for kids – encouraging kids for more outdoors

We all agree that sports are great for kids. It makes them sharp and fit and helps them make friends.

Some kids are born with liking towards sports while some are not. As a parent we cannot and should not force our choices on them, but we should definitely encourage them for sports and outdoor games.

In today’s world which is very much digitized with computer and mobile games, televisions etc, kids spend so much time sitting and hence it becomes more important that as parents we encourage them towards outdoor.

Our view is that as a parent =>

Start early – Generally kids till age of 7 just want to play and then  they start developing some liking towards a game or two. It is important for us as parents to recognize this and start encouraging them towards it.

Get involved, become their sports partner / coach – You don’t need to be an expert in the game. But being with them surely gives lot of encouragement. At the age of kids are not looking for an expert trainer, but some one who can be them, teach them a little bit, make mistakes like them and clap for them.

Have every possible game at home – yes and they are not very costly to have. A good kids sports item will still cost less than expensive toys. Bring home a set of cricket bats, hockey sticks, football , basket ball, tennis rackets , skates etc… let them have it. we never know which sports they will develop the liking for.

Let’s have this as our new year resolution. We will push out kids to be more outdoors. Who knows, you might be having a future tennis star at your home!

And even if they do not take it very seriously at-least being outdoor will help them keep fit which!!


Do let us know your view!



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