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Baby bouncer seats – buying considerations

Baby bouncers have been becoming popular now a days. It’s generally used for new born, but is suitable or can be used for babies till 1 year of age. It is a soft bouncing chair to lay down your baby in a reclining position. However it is recommended not to use bouncers a lot, specifically when babies start sitting or crawling. Extensive use of bouncers is may not be good for babies.

A typical baby bouncer looks like below.


Babies actually enjoy it. They can sit in a reclining position on this chair and look up and can also play with toys attached at the top of the bouncer. If you baby starts kicking, the bouncer will start vibrating, shaking or bouncing which most babies like.

There are many different types of bouncers available in market. Simple ones which just move or shake when your little one kicks or moves and then there are ones with more features like ones which play music or flash lights of different colors.

All this have a calming effect on the baby and can also help them in sleeping. But we need to remember that bouncers are not for sleeping and we should not make our babies sleep in bouncers.

If you have decided to buy a bouncer,  below are some points you should consider

Wide framed body – a bouncer with wide frame is good as it provides more balance. Babies tend to lean on one side and this will make sure that the bouncer is stable.

Safety straps –  make sure that the bouncer has Safety straps. Babies should not be left in bouncer without a safety strap.

Seats – Make sure that seats are comfortable. Many low priced bouncers use low quality foams which tend to sink after some usage. Also make sure that the seat covers are removable and washable.

Motion and Vibration – A bouncer without vibration and springy movements are not much use. To keep babies calm, relaxed and interested, make sure that bouncer will respond to your babies movement.

Others – If there are other features like music, lights etc are good.

But the most important point to note in a bouncer is safety. A bouncer should be stable and safe.

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