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Top 5 games of 2016 – from google play store

Last month google announced it’s top trending games of 2016. These are –

  • Pokemon GO
  • Clash Royale
  • Traffic Rider
  • slither.io
  • Dream League Soccer

The list above is from google – https://blog.google/products/google-play/announcing-google-plays-best-2016/.

Let us look at these.

Pokemon Go

Probably the most talked after mobile game during second half of 2016. It is a location-based augmented reality game. This means that the Pokemon characters in the game, are placed at a location on the map which uses your GPS to show where these characters are based and you (or rather your avatar) in the games needs to walk to that location to locate Pokemons. So this seems as if all these are happening in real world. Not available in India right now, but still this game has generated considerable interest in kids.


Has in-app purchases.

Clash Royale

Another free game released during MArch 2016 is second on the list of google. It is a real time multiplayer game, also called as Multiplayer online battle arena game. It is from the creators of clash of clans. You can form you own clan, collect cards and build your own defense, destroy enemy camp and collect points. There are a total of 10 arenas to cross. It is a multiplayer game and hence needs data connection.  A cool and addictive game.

More details can be found at below play store link.


Free, but has in-app purchases

Traffic Rider

If you or your kid is a bike racing fan, this game is a must down load. This game is 3rd on the list of google and that shows its popularity. Has some cool features like first person camera view, real life bike sounds, 26 different type of bikes, 70+ different missions etc. Check it out.


Has in-app purchases.


This is again a multi player game. Hence needs internet connection. Once registered player create a worm or snake like avatar which eats other worms on the board and grow bigger. It is like that classic snake game which eats pallets and grow bigger. Released during March 2016, this became one of the most popular games of 2016 and is 4th on googles list. Download link below


Dream League Soccer

Last one in the top 5 list is dream league soccer. If you or your kid is a soccer fan, this is the game to download. It is free and fun. Has in-app purchases though for additional content.


So, check these out. All the games have in-app purchases so when kids are playing, make sure that they understand this 🙂

Mobile games are fun and is available for all age groups, but the ones which are top on googles list are for grown ups. But it is OK to let them play some times 🙂 What do you say!

Have a good day!

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