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Various types of fidget spinners!

I have talked about fidget spinners some time back in one of our reviews –  Fidget Spinner – Is it worth the craze?

I am still of the view that its not a bad toy after all. It is definitely an interesting toy. As I said before, we just need to make sure that it is used in the right way.

The initial fidget spinner designed was one with 3 edges, but now they come in various shapes which are quite interesting! Listing down few which I found on various shopping sites and stores!

Some cool fidget spinners – best fidget spinner

So I will bring you some cool fidget spinners today , the best fidget spinners, the fastest fidget spinners, and you will be surprised as to what the marked has to offer for this toy !

So let your little hero have some good time with these little toys !

The classic fidget spinner – original fidget spinner

These are the classic fidget spinner toys. The initial toy which spread across the world like a craze. For example look at the one below.

Premsons Fidget Spinner 608 Four Bearing Ultra Speed Tri-Spinner Hand Spin Toy – White + Black Wing Bearings

3 edge fidget spinner - fidget spinner png

If you want to know the current price, you can definitely check it out here .

Captain America fidget spinner

Fan of super heros? Love the Marvel super heros. You are going to definitely like this captain america fidget spinner. Have a good fun !

Captain America Shield Metal Hand Spinner Fidget Stress Reducer Anti Anxiety for Children / Adults

captain america fidget spinner - fidget spinner png

Click here to see more about these fidget spinners

Spiderman Fidget Spinner

Here is another super hero fidget spinner which you are going to love. This is one of the most admired super hero the spiderman and the spinner – Spiderman Fidget Spinner

Magicwand Fidget Spiderman Hand Spinner

round shaped fidget spinner - fidget spinner images

Thor fidget spinner

Thor fidget spinner is another cool super hero fidget spinner. Look at the cool design and check the price here.

A wonderful toy for you little hero who love to watch Thor movies.

Fidget spinner phone

Do you know that there is also a phone which is also a fidget spinner. I was also surprised to see that but there exists. Look at below. Click on this link to see more

fidget spinner images

9 gear fidget spinner

Do yo know that there is a 9 gear fidget spinner available in market. I am trying to find one here but I could not. But I am able to see this on Amazon US. But I was surprised to see the verities of these 9 gear fidget spinner.

fidget spinner png

Flying fidget spinner

Do you know there is a flying fidget spinner as well. Check this out. All that is needed is that all you need to do is to spin it up and give it a toss.

It just flies. This is just wonderful. If you want to check this further, you can click on the link or on image above and read more about this on Amazon.

Light fidget spinner ( fidget spinner light )

light fidget spinner is the one which emits light when spinned.

Look very cool. Made of Transparent Crystal Colorful LED Light Spinner  . Check out !

Multi head metal fidget spinner

check out these cool ones !

fidget spinner images

Pokemon fidget spinner

OK, yea how did I miss that. How can be miss out on our other favourite cartoon characters. How can we miss out on Pokemon fidget spinner !

Pokemon fidget spinner

Ninja star fidget spinner ( ninja fidget spinner )

Ninja star fidget spinner ( ninja fidget spinner ) is one of the best gifts for families and friends.

Fidget Spinner App

Yea you heard it right. There are Fidget Spinner App as well available on google play store. So check these put !

Google fidget Spinner

Fidget spinner google: –

You have five swipes to create the best possible spin. Swipe the spinner left or right with your hand finger, wait for it to stop, and sweep the sweet rewards! Upgrade your finger spinner, play against your rivals, and set records!

With each spin, you get closer to having a new hand spinner toy!

you can download it from below link:


Fidget spinner galaxy

fidget spinner galaxy is an app and you can download from play store.

fidget spinner galaxy


With puzzles and action, use the fidget spinner to gather coins and become wealthy. Take a journey across space with a variety of fidget spinners!

Spin around a range of fidgets from outer space!

Fidget Spinner Galaxy is a simulation game that allows you to play fidget spinners.

Paper fidget spinner

how to make fidget spinner with paper ? are you looking to make a paper fidget spinner? then do check out this video.

Guys home you liked this information ! Have a good time !


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  1. Very much craze among kids. Lot of varieties in market. I have seen this toy in local gift shop selling in good number. But quality is difficult to tell.

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