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Best Art and Craft Kits Online India – Keep your kid busy this summer

Looking for Best Art and Craft Kits Online India ? We have some recommendations for you.

Why to get Art and Craft Kits for kids ?

A blank colorful paper can instill so much of creativity and imagination in kids.

Apart from creativity and imagination it also helps children in many ways like understanding various shapes and sizes, concept of putting things together and in sequence etc.

Have you heard of Origami?

Also have you heard of Origami?  Japanese word and Origami is a Japanese art. It is the art of folding papers in decorative shapes.

Art & Craft kits also have little bit more than Origami. It also involving coloring and making various shapes by cutting the paper etc.

It is one of the quite inexpensive ways of instilling creativity in children.

List of Best Art and Craft Kits Online India

Below are some good DIY Kits for kids , the Art and Craft kids available in online market.

Happy Kidz Art & Craft Toys Shapes & Folds Toys

price range 200 to 400

Age group: 4+

This DIY Kit Contains. About the Cards- 8 Art Cards with Pre Printed outlines and catchy themes like-.

Fishes in Aqua World, Crab on Beach, Dinosaurs, Space Rocket, Birds, Circus, House , An Engine

Contains… 2 Side – Die Cut , Stickers paper Tapes

Best Art and Craft Kits Online India


Price range 300 to 500

Creative Candy Craft, Have Fun With Painting, Decorating & Sticking the sticks!

Best Art and Craft Kits Online India

Fashion Craft – 6 in 1 Activity Boutique (for girls)

Age 5+

price – around 500/-

6 in 1 Activity Kit ensures Creativity, Hand Skill, and concentration.

Useful for making (1) Paper Quilling Jewellery (2) Shamballa Bracelets (3) Button and Crystal Jewellery (4) Friendship Bracelets (5) Glam Hair (6) Parabands

ToyKraft Omni box of Origami Offerings

Contains large origami sheets. A very good gift material for kids and keep them busy.

This is probably the best raw material kit for kids interested in this kind of art

Best Art and Craft Kits Online India

Hope you liked all four recommendations on Best Art and Craft Kits Online India.

We would love to hear back you comments!


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