Ice Cream Tower Stacking & Balancing Toy- what your little one can learn from it?

Today let me talk about Ice Cream Tower Stacking and Balancing toy. A very simple one looks easy – i.e no complex rules to follow and you can play along with your child.

There is just one task needed in this toy. Stack as many scoops as possible on to the cone! Who wins? Whoever builds the highest cone wins!

Simple isn’t it? And you can play along with your little one teaching him or her something in turn! So what this game helps the kid learn?

So what this game (and toy) helps kids in learning?

  • Child learns to focus
  • Child learns to keep patience
  • Child learns how to use a steady hand, how hold the cone and the scoops steadly

A very nice game and toy. Cool concept which is also very helpful for kids with special needs. Kids who need to practice concentration.

Also the scoops comes in various colors which also helps kids learn about various colors.  Generally this game comes with 12 scoops to be stacked.

So do check these out! I am sure your baby is going to love it!

Preferred age group for this toy: 2+ years!

Have a good day!


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