Kids Moral Story – The Two Parrots

Moral of story – The Two Parrots : The inner beauty of our soul will always be treasured in the end.

The Two Parrots

Once upon a time there lived two parrots – Toto and Popo. They loved travelling to new places. One day they decided to visit Kings palace.

The kings palace was very big and beautiful. They started roaming around the kings palace and became very tired. So Toto asked Popo if they can sit on one of the trees in Kings garden , take some rest and also eat some nice fruits.

Popo liked this idea so they flew into Kings garden and went up a tree to eat some fruits. But they got stuck there.

Popo got afraid. He said to Toto – ” Toto looks like there was some trap which was setup and we are stuck. Now we will be caught and will not be able to go back home”

Toto Said – “Don’t worry my friend, this way we will be able to meet the king and also see his palace. So let not get sad.”

The soldiers caught the parrots Toto and Popo and took them to the king. The king was quite happy to see the two beautiful parrots. So he ordered his soldiers to make a golden cage for parrots and also give them the best possible food.

So both the parrots were not allowed to fly back. The incident became very popular in the town and were the topic of discussion in the entire kingdom. All the visitors to the palace started praising and taking about the beauty of the parrots.

Toto and popo also started enjoying the new found luxuries.

One a day a giant monkey came into the palace. It was such a big monkey that no body has seen a giant monkey like him before. Soon he became the center of attraction and people from across the kingdom came to enjoy the tricks of the monkey.

Soon people were more attracted towards the monkey and hence Toto and Popo started feeling ignored and unwanted. So Popo told Toto – ” Everybody has started loving monkey now and no one cares for us any more. We are feeling so neglected. The monkey seems to be more attractive. Shall we try to escape from this cage?”

Toto was intelligent. He told Popo not to get depressed. He said – “Listen Popo, we are unique. We are also beautiful. So we need to be patient. We are different and one day people will realize this and come back to us.”

Popo seemed to agreeing to this point. He nodded in agreement. Toto said further – ” Beauty, attraction, ignorance, praise, criticism, interest, disinterest, respect and dis-respect are all temporary feeling and behaviours. Only real character of a living being is what pleases others. I am very sure that one day people will get bored of monkey and will realise our value.”

Soon the monkey became more violent and naughty. He started misbehaving with visitors. One day the king got very angry and asked his soldiers to leave the monkey in the jungle.

Once again people realized the value to parrots and Toto and Popo started getting attention again.

Moral of story – The Two Parrots : The inner beauty of our soul will always be treasured in the end.

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