Kids Moral Story – Nattu and his Fate

The Moral of the story Nattu and his fate is – Never hide your real identity.

Nattu and his Fate – Kids Moral Story

Once upon a time, a washerman  called Mukund lived in the village of Bandhavgarh . Every morning, he collected clothes from the people in the village . He then washed , cleaned , ironed and returned them every evening .

Mukund had so much work to do each day , so he had kept an donkey called nattu to help him. He used yo wash the dirty clothes, dry and iron them and then load them on this donkey to deliver it back to his customers and also pick dirty clothes for them.

The donkey was very useful to him and helped him a lot. He was a great support to Mukund..

But one day , Mukund realised that nattu had grown old and feeble over the years .
Mukund though of himself ‘’This nattu has served me for so long . But , now it is to old and weak to help me and do my work . His speed has also slowed down and he gets tried very soon . He cannot even take care of himself . If I leave him alone , the other strong animals and the villagers will always trouble and scare him a lot . No one will let him graze properly and everyone just starts to shove him away . Even I am unable to protect him well . Give me some idea, god ‘’.

Suddenly , one night , Mukund found a dead tiger near the river . Mukund though ,’’If Nattu wears this dead tiger’s skin , he can stay safe . Nattu will scare everyone and rule the village and all the animals in jungle . No one will be able to harm Nattu .

Mukund was very delighted with this idea and soon he made a dress of the tiger’s skin for nattu . he set nattu free to roam and graze alone in the crop fields and jungles everyone who saw nattu , though him to be a big , strong tiger and ran away in fear .

One day Nattu was grazing in a farm when one of the farmers came by to work. Nattu when saw the farmer became very happy sarted to bray loudly.

When farmer heard this he came to know that this is not a real tiger but a donkey. He got very angry. He came to know that this is Nattu and he has been grazing and destroying crops for so long.

He got angry and killed Nattu.

Moral of the story is that – Never disguise your real identity, It invites trouble. Be who you are!

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