Mechanix – A perfect gift for your little engineer!

Do you have a little engineer in your family? The most interesting thing for them is to assemble something and then de-assemble it.

Mechanix toys have understood this quite well and there are many DIY sets from Mechanix which are quite interesting.

The MECHANIX  Little Engineer Construction Set, includes various parts and components can be used to make great Construction Vehicles. A very nice way to engage your little engineer,

But, apart from engaging the kid, this also enhances  kid’s

  • Fine motor skill
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Observation and
  • problem solving skills.

There are many kid of various sets from Mechanix. The best thing of Mechanix set are

  • Made up of metal or high grade plastic – so they are not breakable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bright colors
  • Does not has sharp edges
  • Finished perfectly for the ideal feel and finish
  • No Battery required
  • Contains a  step by step manual to enable your child to learn the basics of fitting and guide him through the process

All Mechanix sets [roomettes the concept of logical play.  So challenge your little engineer with these high quality DIY kits.

Check these out!

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