Gift for new born baby – Top 5 Gift ideas for new born baby!


Gift for new born baby – Babies bring a new joy in our lives and everyone around us. Did you just hear the arrival of a little angel in your family or in your friend circle and want to visit the little one at the earliest. And of course you do not go empty handed. Check out some cool Gift ideas for new born baby!

There are lots of new born baby gift pack available in market starting from daily use items from product manufacturers in this space, like jhonson & jhonson and others. 

Then there are cloth set etc.  We generally do all this shopping in a hurry. But if we spend some time, there are some very good options for the gift for new borns, available both online and offline stores.

Below simple and cute looking gift for new born are my favorites.

My list of gift for new born baby

So below is my gift ideas for new born baby !

New born baby fleece – #1 new born baby gift

Gift the little angel a skin friendly, light weight and colorful fleece.

Gift for new born baby

Toddler Mattress – #2 gift for new born

Then you can gift some nice toddler mattress. It can also have attached mosquito net. Make sure that you get one with a good quality cotton fabric.

gift ideas for new born baby

Sleeping bag for babies – #3 new gift for new borns

You can check out few sleeping bags for babies. Specifically in cold weather conditions these are very handy.

gift for new born

Hooded Blankets – #4 gift for new born

It can not be more cute than this. Made up of soft material and in bright colors, this makes one of the best gift items for a new born.

new born baby gift

Baby Bather – #5 gift in my list

Baby bather is of great help for all new mothers. new borns are delicate and hence we need to make sure that we buy one which is made of premium material, non toxic, anti skid, easy to fold, comfortable seating etc.

new born baby gift

Check these out on amazon and other websites!

Have a good day!


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