10+ Ways to Keep kids engaged

Kids are bundle of energy and joy. Keeping them confined to a single place is very tough. You have to properly channelize their energy into something constructive. Else by innate nature they will be attracted towards destruction and doing pranks. We have to plan out for them in such a manner that they are occupied for a long time. It is also essential to give them variety as you know they get bored too easily. It is a challenge for parents to engage kids and to do house-hold as well as office work all from the same premises in the same set of time. The best option would be take help of your kids in the safest possible way to share your load. Lets look at some cool ways to keep kids engaged during coronavirus lockdown

A few suggestions are listed below for you to fruitfully engage your young ones. Our aim is to utilize their positive energy and enthusiasm in such a way that they are entertained and we are able to complete our tasks for the day as well. You must make a rough routine for them so that they are engaged in something or the other the whole day and do not feel left out at any moment.

10+ Ways to Keep Kids engaged during coronavirus lockdown

#1 Learning

You can subscribe to some online course for your child. So that they can sit at one place and do the things being taught there and you can finish your office work. Kids can do the work in a rough note book. There are many home school options too at this time. Mostly free of cost. So the kids will learn and not miss out studies in an interesting way by the means of games.

10+ Ways to Keep kids engaged during coronavirus lock down

#2 Watch stories

These days there are many good links online which provide moral stories. It can be course related or not. They can see poems and rhymes and learn alot. For those who are a bit older there are interactive games too. Also many movies have come for the kids to enjoy.

the dangerous rumor

#3 Coloring

You can ask kids to do some drawing and coloring in their free time which you can allow them to display in their room on the cupboard. Help them share these daily with their friends over the phone in the evening on daily basis so that they do not feel alone. It will also encourage them to do something new daily.

#4 Craft activity

You can allow kids to use old newspapers and create some art work for themselves. They can run their imagination wild and create anything using paper, glue and some colour. It can as small as pencil stand or as huge as a castle.

#5 Role play

Put up a blanket on a chair in kids room and make a tent or castle for them and allow them to play role play among themselves. You will notice they enjoy doing it.

#6 Cleaning

Most important aspect at the moment in the entire world is cleanliness. You must involve your kids in this activity. They will feel responsible and your load shall be reduced. Let them do some dusting here and there. Or maybe allow them to seep and mop if possible. Else you can safely let them hover. If they are too young to do any of this then just keep them busy in rearranging things around the house while you do the cleaning.

#7 Cooking

Let your kids do some no heat cooking. It will give them a great experience and they will get a yummy snack too. You can ask them to set up the table and make some dry food items. It can be salads, sandwiches, serving chips or even pouring out juice or milk. Let them serve corn flakes and cereal in the morning. They can also help make some milkshakes etc. 

#8 Other small activities

You can take help according to the age of your kids. You can ask them to dry the clothes from the drier. Water the plants in your garden. Folding own clothes which are dry. Setting up of own room.

#9 Exercise

Kids are really full of energy and they are so flexible. For a change let them be your teacher and ask them to teach you exercises and yoga. When they are in-charge you can feel the zeal with which they will teach you. It is a very good way to keep them engaged. This will help calm their minds and body. Do some meditation and teach them self control. It will help you get rejuvenated from with and give the kids a chance to relax and refill energy. 

kids excersise

#10 Learn a new language

You can encourage your kids to learn a new language used commonly in the house or in the neighborhood. If not at least encourage them to try out calligraphy of the language that they already know. It will improve their writing skills.

#11 Do embroidery or painting

As an additional activity kids can learn embroidery or doing small tasks as putting up buttons etc, so that they can use it in future. Or if they like give them a few painting tips, you never know they may create a masterpiece for your living room.

embroidery or painting

#12 Brainstorming session

All the family members can sit at one lace and ask each other questions and help increase their general knowledge.

#13 Allow socializing virtually

Give a fixed time to your kids to get connected to their friends online so that they can share entire days work.

#14 Fun experiments

You can make kids do simple experiments at home so that their interest in studies in tact when they rejoin school. In fact these activities will make them even more curious.

If you can keep kids busy in some activity the whole day it will not just be easy for you but also lead to cognitive and physical development of the child. They will learn to channelize energy in a positive way. It will lead to productive time and engagement for everyone around the house. Hope you all have a safe time ahead.

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