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Do kids need toys and why?

You might be wondering, what kind of question is this? Do kids need toys and why?

Childhood is the best stage of a kid’s life  it is fun and play. It will be remembered by us our whole life, childhood is empty if there is no play.

Do kids need toys

Just got a thought in my mind , playing is necessary for children’s mental, physical and social development.

But are toys equally important for their development? Or do we just try to fill our presence with Toys.
Now the question is – should we give them toys to play with or not?
We all know that kids love to play with toys and playing is important to children. It is fun and learning opportunity for them in many ways.

So it is important to understand the difference between play and toy. Toy can be the means for kids to play. But playing is the foremost important thing. Does this provokes some thoughts in your mind?

As per Dr Robesta Golinkoff, a toy kid needs should be 90% kid and 10% toy. What does this mean? A toy should be able to stimulate imagination in many ways.

Kids knows how to have fun. For them anything can become a toy. Even a sheet of paper is toy for them or for that matter is a spoon or plate. They can make toy out of anything. We have to make sure that its safe for them.

Now coming to the point that – whether toy should really be an integral part of childhood? The answer is yes, it should. But a toy should be such that it stimulates learning. A toy should force a kid to do an activity – mental or physical.

Various research in this area suggest that kids who have early childhood surrounded by brain stimulating educational toys show a better intellectual capabilities in their adulthood. So the best toys for kids are the ones which allows them to be active and creative during their childhood.

Hence lets looks for toys which are healthy, innovative, brings in creative thinking to our children’s! The aim of our blog is to highlight such important aspects in this area.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and we will strive to bring more and more content around this.

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