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App Review – Petworld Games (Wildlife Africa and Other games)

Petworld is a set of games offered by Tivola. They have recently launched a new app on android called as “PetWorld: WildLife Africa


Click here to go to google play store

  • The game has the content rating of 3+
  • The app is free to install, but has in-app purchases


Complexity: The game is fairly simple. There is an African park or zoo you can say with some wild animal like elephants, lions, rhinos etc. Your role in the game is of the “zoo manager” and your task is to manage these animals. There is another role which you play and is of veterinary doctor. That is you have to take care of your animals health.

Graphics: Good!. All the animations are quite impressive and kids are going to love it

Variety: Not much. Has a potential to become a good game if more activities are added. Else it becomes boring. Will prompt you for in app purchases.

Effect in phone performance: Looks OK. No real performance issues seen.


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