Hot Wheels Premium Pop Culture 2020 – Led Zeppelin Set of 5 – Mattel

Led Zeppelin toys are one of the most selling toys today. Let us look at some details and why you should get one for your little hero!

  • Five Car Set:- (1) “Haulin’ Gas” (2) Super Van (3) Combat Medic (4) 67 Austin Mini Van (5)HiWay HauleThe Led Zeppelin Rock Band COLLECTION Hot Wheels premium Set – 1:64 scale Album Cover Art
  • HiWay Hauler touring truck American flag, with stripes and stars in red, white and blue. The Swan Song logo is on each side
  • “Haulin’ Gas” is a late-’60s tour bus + Led Zeppelin II Super Van “The Brown Bomber” A Whole Lotta Love
  • Combat Medic,” a trippy white van Led Zep III + 67 Austin Mini Van with four symbols that represent each band member Robert Plant

Age group recommended : 3 Year+

Led Zeppelin die-cast toys details

Five collectible Led Zeppelin die-cast vehicles inspired by the group’s career “Haulin’ Gas” could be a late-’60s tour bus Led Zeppelin II Super Van “The Brown Bomber” a full Lotta Love Combat Medic,” a trippy white van Led Zep III 67 Austin Mini Van with four symbols that represent each band member HiWay Hauler touring truck American flag , with stripes and stars in red, white and blue. The performance logo is on both sides.

Premium Collectibles with Real Rider Tires & Metal/Metal Design

Pop Culture Hot Wheels The Beatles British Band Series Got to get them into your life!

Hot Wheels has released five special-edition cars honoring legendary dance band Led Zeppelin.
The special-edition cars have paint jobs inspired by the band’s first four studio albums and 1975 North American tour.
The Led Zeppelin cars are available alongside other Hot Wheels nationwide starting from Rs 399 each; in other words, like the band itself, seeing them may be a matter of luck.
Hot Wheels cars, at Car and Driver headquarters are high on the list of desk must-haves all along with family photos and occasional . That’s probably true of you, too, in your own work space. Will these limited-edition die-cast models honoring Led Zeppelin make the cut? just for those lucky enough to return across them at major retailers; they are not something you’ll order online.

Four of the five models are painted with designs that pay tribute to the long-lasting bands’ first four albums, with the fifth model featuring a scheme that commemorates Led Zeppelin’s 1975 North American tour. the primary model is named Haulin’ Gas and is painted with the burning zeppelin that graced the quilt of the group’s first album.”

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The second model is named the Super Van and is painted red with the white smoky cloud that graced the duvet of the second album, called Led Zeppelin II, which gave the planet “Whole Lotta Love” and “Ramble On.”

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The third car is known as Combat Medic and features a wacky livery straight from Led Zeppelin III, an album that featured “Immigrant Song.”

The fourth and last album car may be a ’67 Austin Mini Van that takes after the ZoSo artwork from the band’s fourth album, which is untitled but commonly mentioned as Led Zeppelin IV. Despite not having an ingenious name, that fourth studio album featured “Black Dog” and therefore the ever epochal “Stairway to Heaven.”

The fifth car is named Hiway Hauler and takes its design cues from the North American tour that the band did in 1975. It’s painted red, white, and blue and features a naked winged angel on the side.

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This isn’t the primary time Hot Wheels has featured a band on their vehicles. The Beatles and therefore the Grateful Dead have also made their way onto models within the past. Hot Wheels is not any stranger to the pop-culture scene either, with special editions that feature superheroes and movie stars.

The new models are set to form their thanks to store shelves this month, in places where you’d normally find the cars, like Target, Walmart, and hobby shops. The Led Zeppelin editions aren’t getting to be limited in numbers and is available from Rs 399 apiece. 

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Thanks to the low price of the models, a Hot Wheels spokesperson told C/D, they will not be available through online retailers, unless it’s a third-party seller on a site like eBay. Having to go away the comfort of your home to seek out one among these gems looks like alittle price to buy a toy that mixes classic rock and cars into one tidy package that matches within the palm of your hand.

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