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the clever wolf

Kids Moral Story – THE CLEVER WOLF

Moral of the story – the clever wolf – Never plan evil for others

In the jungle of Rampur, there lived a wild and cunning wolf named Ganzoora. He was very cunning in nature. For years, he ate the animals which he cleverly hunted for his food. But, now Ganzoora had become very old and weak with age. His eyesight had become weak. He found it difficult to chase and run after his prey. He remained hungry for several days.

The Clever Wolf

One day, Ganzoora was very upset due to his hunger and weakness. Suddenly, an idea came to his mind. The next morning, he went near a banyan tree. He stood there on one leg with folded hands facing the rising sun. When other animals came out of their shelter in search of food, they were astonished to see Ganzoora standing in that way.

Many animals thought that it was the trick of Ganzoora and he would suddenly attack them and eat then . So the animals, in fear, changed their route to escape Ganzoora.

Soon, large number of mice came out of ir holes. They too got confused by seeing Ganmora
behaving so strangely. The chief of the mice dared to go forward and asked, “Hey Ganzoora, what are you up to” ?

Ganzoora, the clever wolf, replied, “I am so old now. I have harmed many in my life. So, I have decided to quit eating and enjoying the pleasures of this world. From now on, I shall live only on water. I am seeking forgiveness from God this way.

The mice were impressed by Ganzoora’s words. Their chief said to all, “I think Ganzoora has become a noble soal. We all should touch his feet and seek his blessings” The chief mouse went to Ganzoora and said, “Oh noble Ganzoora, we want to touch your feet. Please bless us with your wisdom.”

Ganzooora happily agreed to their request and asked the mice to come the next morning.
Ganzoora and he would suddenly catch and kill them. Ganzoora was very hungry and was tempted to kill the mice for his food the next morning. But,he realized that if he killed several mouse in one attempt, everyone would come to kiow his reality. No animal would ever come near him again and he will remain hungry forever So, he came up with a plan. The next morning hundreds of mice went to seek Ganzoora’s blessings, Hewas standing on one leg with folded hands. He asked all the mice to stand in a queue, The mice started touching Ganzoora’s feet and kept going back to their holes one by one.

When it was the turn of the last mouse, Ganzoora quickly attacked him and ate him. All other mice had already reached home, so no one came to know about the last mouse. Thus, every morning, the mice used to visit Ganzoora to touch his holy feet and Ganzoora ate the last mouse in the queue. After several days, the chief mouse called for a meeting with all the other mice. The chief was shocked to see that so many mice were missing, He said. “Ganzoora has been living on water only, but there a no sign of weakness in him. Rather, he looks healthier now. Moreover, the number of mice in our group has also reduced.

Something must be wrong. We must together try to find out the truth about Ganzoora. The next morning, the chief mouse stood last in the queue and asked the other mice to hide behind the trees after they
touched Ganzoora’s feet. When the chief mouse touched Ganzoora’s feet at last, Ganzoora quickly grabbed him to kill. But, the chief was alert. He immediately climbed over Ganzoora’s neck and bit him hard. Seeing that, all the mice hiding behind the trees came to save their chief. They all climbed over Ganzoora and starting biting him all over his body with their sharp teeth. Finally, with several
wounds on his body, Ganzoora died.

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Moral of the story the clever wolf: When you plan to do wrong for others, one day you have to pay the price

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