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best action figure toys for kids

Best Action Figure Toys For Your Kids

Kids are the true fans of the toys. If you have any doubt about this statement all you need to do is just take a kid to a toy store. You will not be surprised to see the joy and sparkle in their eyes. Within a few minutes, they might have made the complete list of the things they want from the store. So let us look at some Best Action Figure Toys For Your Kids.

Action Figure Toys are more than just fun and games for the kids. Every toy comes with knowledge and feelings. Kids are eager to learn about the world around them. Each new color, shape, taste that they encounter has its own impact on them. So it is very important for you to decide what kind of toys you are going to buy for your kids.

There is a lot of difference in the toys that boys want and that the girls want. Boys are more attracted to masculine toys whereas girls tend to love soft and cute toys.

5 Action Figure Toys that you can buy for boys

Marvel Avengers Black Panther #1

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Black Panther is a fictional superhero that appears in Marvel published comic books. This action figure has started to gain popularity after the appearance of the black panther. This action figure reflects a mix of power and culture and your kid will love it for sure. It is available on Amazon, flipkart at a price starting from Rs 500 /-

Marvel Avengers Captain America #2

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Captain America is a fictional superhero that appears in Marvel published comic books. This superhero gained his power after a scientific experiment and fights the crime using his shield. This action figure reflects power, courage, and honor. And is one of the main avengers. He has appeared in marvel avengers movie, civil war, Captain America movie.

It is available on Amazon, Flipkart at a price starting from Rs 250 /-

Spider-Man #3

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Spider-Man is a fictional superhero that was earlier launched by the sony production and is now being cast by Marvel Comics. He gained his superpower after he was bitten by a spider. He is one of the very old superheroes and still is very popular among the kids. He has appeared in recent movies of marvel in Spiderman homecoming.

It is available on Amazon and Flipkart at a starting price of Approx Rs 500 /-

Power-Rangers #4

Power Rangers is an American entertainment television Franchise that is built around a live-action superhero. Power ranger is usually a team of 5 rangers Red, blue, green, yellow, and pink who fights crimes and aliens who want to conquer the earth. Power rangers are of many categories i.e. power rangers S.P.D., mystic force, ninja fury, dino thunder, etc.

power rangers

Power ranger’s toys come with many other attachments like moffers and war machines.

This action figure is very popular among kids and you can buy a whole set of these power rangers on Amazon, Flipkart at approx starting price of Rs 800 /-

Batman #5

Batman is a fictional superhero who appears in the DC published comic books. He is one of the very old superheroes. He uses technologies to fight crimes and has a black suit and runs around Gotham city in his batmobile to fight crimes and save the city from the bad people. He usually works during the night and vanishes in the dark as soon as possible. He reflects the powers and responsibilities that come with money. It is advisable to buy a complete set of batman with his batmobile.

This set is available on Amazon for a starting price of approx Rs 400 /-

5 Best Action Figure Toys that you can buy for your girl child

Wonder Woman #1

Wonder woman is a fictional character published by DC comics. Wonder woman is the princess Diana of Amazon who has come to the earth and fights the crimes. She holds a strong character and reflects the power that girls hold within them. Kids love this character a lot and will be happy to play with them.

You can buy this action figure at Amazon starting from approx Rs 600 /-

SuperWoman #2

Superwoman is a fictional character published by DC comics. SuperWoman is the female version of superMan who fights crime on another planet in the multiverse. She is a very powerful character and fights crime. She is a woman of steel who can’t be broken easily.

It is available at Amazon and flipkart

Frozen doll # 3

Frozen is a musical fantasy series by Disney entertainment in which a princess with the superpower of freezing everything around her and saves her little kingdom with her power by solving the various mysteries. The character is shown with a very beautiful heart. Girls generally love dolls and this action figure is really good for your girl child, she will love to have it.

It is available at Amazon at starting price of Rs 600 /- approximately

The Incredibles #4

These are the action figures that are based on the Disney movie Incredibles. It is a family of superhumans that fights crimes in the city and deal with superhuman family problems but always stay together and help each other. These action figures are to be bought as a complete set of 5 members of the family. Your girl will be the happiest if you buy it for her.

A good quality one will cost around Rs 1000/- on Amazon (Starting price)

Harley Quinn #5

She is a character from DC published Batman movies firstly came as a villain but in her recent movie “Birds of Prey” She reflected some characteristics of evil along with a good heart and does not have any superpowers. But fearlessly fights the people and is one of the best action figures that you can buy for your girl child.

It is available at Amazon at starting price of Rs 800 /-

DIY Toys – A perfect Gift for your child

Hope you liked the list of Best Action figure toys for kids. It is very easy to find the best toys for your kids as you have to look out for just a few things before buying any toy for your kid. Kids want all those things that they watch on TV, in movies. These young and developing minds want to explore new things and these toys and action figures act as the medium.

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