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Tips For Improving Memory And Concentration In Kids

How to improve child memory power

With a challenging life everyday, it is very important to have a smart brain. Every one is born with a good memory or concentration power. But as a child we needs to develop these skills from the very beginning for a better learning at school, but this is not just limited to school life, but is beneficial forever. As a parent, it’s our responsibility to help our child build up these skills. We always think on how to improve child memory power. Lets us look at some Tips For Improving Memory And Concentration In Kids

Concentration and memory run together but both are not same. Good concentration means having the ability to direct your mind towards any particular activity or thing. And, good memory power means having the ability to recall things from the past and remember information and experiences. But, without any doubt, a good concentration improves memory too.

How to Improve Child Memory Power & Child Concentration

We will discuss tips for improving both of these skills in kids which will surely help you if you are mother or father of a child who is concerned for their naughty kid.

Tips to improve child memory power

Tips for improving memory power in kids

The sign of a weak memory could be your child getting offtrack easily or he forgets where he put his things or he finds it difficult to remember the steps to solve any math problem. You can improve his condition by trying some tips we have mentioned below:

Uplift your child to visualize things

Instead of always memorizing things, motivate your child to visualize things like letting him solve a question by himself. With visualization, there are very less chances of forgetting things, so it will enhance his memory.

Playing with songs and rhymes

Our mind catch and learn songs in very less time in comparison to any normal sentence. So, create songs of any poem and make your child learn them easily. This is one of the best way of improving memory power in little kids.

Learning with enthusiasm

Make learning full of excitement for your kid. Take him out to places like museum, art gallery and library where they can get some knowledge and it is always good to learn things in order to avoid forgetfulness.

Proper sleep

For a brain to function properly, it is important to sleep on time. Prepare a silent environment where your child sleeps and avoid all kind of disturbances when your child is sleeping. Power naps are also suggested. It helps brain operate properly and enhances both memory and concentration.

Encourage active reading

Active reading can help with long-term memories. Instruct your child to read at least one or two pages of any kind of story daily. Make use of highlighters and sticky notes to remind things on a regular basis. By making short notes and underlining or highlighting texts can help kids keep the information in mind long enough.

Green and healthy food

Research says that green and healthy foods have a good impact on brain. Feed your little one some green vegetables, almonds and eggs on a regular basis and it will help him improve his memorization.

Tips to improve concentration in kids

Tips for improving concentration in kids

If your kid finds it difficult to concentrate, you may notice him getting distracted very easily. He can’t sit at one place, can’t focus on homework, has poor handwriting in comparison to kids of same age and he might also get aggressive sometimes. If you notice these things in your child , then you should work on improving these things. Below are some tips that you should try for these concerns:

Check on screen times

If your child spends a lot of time watching television or playing games on mobile phones, it will affect his concentration. Reduce the time your kid spends with screen and fix timings for watching television. A child learn from his parents, so make sure to not use mobile phones or watch TV in front of your kid very frequently.

Encourage for physical activities and thinking games

Encourage your child to involve in physical activities like running, jumping and cycling and don’t let him become lazy. These activities will have an effective result on his mind and it will help them focus things better.

Instead of letting your child play mobile games, buy him some games that triggers thinking. Games like jigsaw puzzles and card games improves the thinking process and it will be beneficial for your child’s concentration.

Do breathing exercises with them

A child might not be interested in doing exercises, but try to teach them breathing exercises as it has a lots of advantages for brain. As we always say, be an example for your kid and do these exercises with them.

Remove distractions

While your child is involved in any kind of activity, make sure to remove all the distractions like switch off gadgets(mobile phones, television etc) and keep necessary things handy so that he doesn’t need to get up every time.

Set goals and routines for them

A fixed but not so strict routine will help your child in building concentration skills as he will manage time himself and he knows when he has to play and when he has to study.

Short term goals for your kid will also help them focus more. Like you can tell them to write two pages within ten minutes or give any task with some time-limit. Reward them every time they reach the target as it will encourage them to do more.

Scold less, observe more

Understand your child instead of scolding them for their mistakes all the time. It’s you who will teach them good habits and only you can help them build up skills. Observe your child from a distance and check on what they are lacking and what are their interests . This point goes for a child’s overall development and it is the most important part of a good parenting.

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Hope you liked this article on how to improve child memory power and how to improve concentration in kids. Do work on these aspects which are very much needed for a child’s personality development

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