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Kids Haircut – How to cut hair for kids during coronavirus lockdown

Being a parent in this coronavirus lockdown has been proving to be very taxing. As a parent you will have to adorn several different caps and do the jobs that you may never have fathomed to be done by yourself. Now that the coronavirus lockdown has been increased repeatedly maintaining your child’s hygiene is very important. Simple task such as hair cutting too shall have to be done at home. And this is a challenge. How to cut hair now? Well cutting kids hair may not be as challenging as it seems. Though a boys haircut is a bit different from haircut for girls but more or less you can manage it. Who knows you end up creating a new hair style … just kidding … these are difficult times and some times we need to do things which we have never done. So let us talk about kids haircut.

Before you start to cut hair – some suggestions for Kids Haircut

Firstly remember, no sudden movements or sharp cuts. Always take lesser amount of hair in hand and try to cut just small lengths. This will give you space for making corrections if required. Big moves may result in disasters. Get a good and neat comb along with a sharp pair of scissor. A blunt scissors will not give the required result and will also take way longer. So let us look at some simple ways of Kids Haircut during this coronavirus lockdown.

Simple ways to cut kids hair

Here are simple ways to trim or cut kids hair.

Hair Cut for for medium to long hair

you would basically not like to do any massive changes, just grooming and trimming. Do not try to alter the length a lot as it takes a long time to get the hair to grow long. Your one fault may ruin the child look. Wet your child’s hair using a spray. Do not drench them but good enough to handle. Dry hair tends to get static and it becomes difficult to handle them as they will keep sticking to the comb and scissors. Part the hair properly into upper section and lower section. Fold the upper hair above the head in a small bun. Cut the lower edges in a straight line. Do not cut too much. Just enough to straighten and bring all in a single row. Then open the upper hair and make them all fall in the same line.

Kids haircut for bangs in the front

place a paper under the hair of your child on the fore head. Draw a rough line of the estimated length you think is needed. Make your child hold this sheet in place in front of her face while you cut the hair very slowly. Remember to keep checking each time you cut them. Take small portions only as too many hair will not make the cut go straight, they will form a curve and spoil the whole look. Also try to keep the bangs light and not too dense so as to bet a balanced look from front and back. Too many hairs on the forehead will make your child’s face look small.

kids haircut

Hair cut for short hair

Wet the hair and try to make a few sections of the hair and tie them all separately. Now take one section at a time and cut a little length only. Try to match this length with each next section that you select. Make sure you keep your hands and hair straight up towards the sky when you judge the length. Also keep your hand sturdy. Try to hold hair between your index figure and middle figure firmly but not too tight. Keep checking repeatedly. Keep patience and do only small portions at a time. For the forehead and back of the hair keep them in a straight line, to give a neat finish. Remember to cut side close to the ear very carefully. Kids are generally scared and may move. You can take help of your partner in holding them still while you cut the hair close to the ear. Also fold the ear with your one hand while you cut hair with the other hand.

Kids haircut for really short hair trim

If you want to use your trimmer to make length short remember to put a tape on the end. This will help you keep the length same all over and avoid any cuts and bruises. For this you will have to begin from neck on the back up towards to crown. And then from front to back. If you have never done this before do not try. The child may not like such small hair as the result is almost close to a bald look.

Kids are so full of energy and bubbly; that to get them settled and sitting at one place for sometime is a difficult task. They do not sit steady and get distracted very easily. Before you even begin to touch their hair, their most important thing is to make them relaxed and remove any fear or anxiety from their mind. Look for ways in which you can keep them engaged for some time so that you can get enough time. It will take you longer to cut hair your self rather than a professional in the salon. For most parents it may be a first time experience. So keep your cool and confidence high.

Here are a few suggestions to keep kids busy:

  • Cartoons: try to put their favourite cartoon on TV and make them sit at a place from where they can see it. Let the level of their eyes be such that they do not bend or turn to see the TV.
  • Toys: you can allow your kids to play role play and they too can pretend to be cutting hair of their toys. Be careful never give them real scissors; it may cause a sever injury. Give them ones made from paper.
  • You can let them choose their style of hair cut from pictures of people with similar hair. You must remember to give them options of hair styles that you will be able to pull off. They should be simple.
  • Make them wear a cartoon character bed sheet or cloth to cover so that the loose hairs do not fall on the floor and your place remains clean.

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Stay safe in the selection of hair length you are going to do for your child. Make sure to tell your child and discuss with them however young they may be, kids are very cautious of look these days. Also touch the closed scissors on the back of their hand to show it is cold and they do not fear and get acquainted. Many times kids jump out of fear that their ears have been chopped. Talk to them and tell them as you proceed.

This coronavirus lockdown has made us do things we have never thought to do before. But this is a reality now and we have to accept it. so good luck . I am sure that you will make your kids hair cut a fun activity.

Be Strong and Stay Safe !

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