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Learning clocks – Teaching kids to learn time the fun way!

Have you ever realized how difficult was for you to teach you younger ones how to read time from the clock? I had a tough time when my kid was 5 year or so, when I was trying to make him read hours and minutes. Ofcourse at this age they will not understand the concept of hour and minute, but in schools in grade I, they do try to teach the concept.

My kids are gown up now, but while talking to one of my friends he mentioned about “Learning Clocks” and I tried to check one out. Found this really interesting.

Below is some which I found out to be good!

EasyRead Time Teacher Children’s Wall Clock with simple 3-Step Teaching System

This one is designed by Roger Shackleton for elementary schools.   Available on Amazon. But is quite good.

  • Hours nos are clearly marked in the blocks and hence it is easy for kids to understand that if the smaller hand in that block, it is that hour number.
  • Then there are smaller marked blocked for minutes. This also makes kids to understand what minute to tell by the longer hand of the clock.
  • Another cool feature is “minutes to” and “Minutes past”. Red color is for “minutes to” and blue for “minutes past”. Isn’t it cool??

Look at the picture below.


Small 18cm Teaching Clock by Amazing Child Montessari

This is another good one which I found. Have a look at the picture below. Its a cool wooden clock which is used for teaching clock reading to small kids.

  • Outer circle has nos from 1 to 12 and inner read circle is from 13 to 24 (in case you want to teach 24 hour clock)
  • The wooden hand have holes which helps identifying the time.
  • The dots in blue color are minutes and from the hole in minute hands it can be clearly read.
  • The hour hand will be just below the bigger nos which denote hours.

There are many other types available as well. Check and research them out on various retail sites. You will definitely find them interesting and your kid is going to love it.



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