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Kids Trampoline – An awesome gift for your little one!

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I was visiting Decathlon over the weekend to get some sports item for my kids and came across kids Trampoline. I just started exploring. I liked it a lot and I feel that this can be an awesome gift for your little ones.

So what is a Trampoline? A trampoline is a device consisting of a piece of taut, strong fabric stretched over a steel frame using many coiled springs. People bounce on trampolines for recreational and competitive purposes.(Def source – Wikipedia)

Trampoline comes in many sizes. We have generally seen the bigger ones kept outside the house or in professional play areas. But what this trampoline at Decathlon interested me was a small 3 feet trampoline which can be used indoor.

The jumping surface mat sits on a top on spring which provides the required force for kids to jump. It’s a great for kids

  • Burn their energy
  • Provide overall body exercise
  • Learn to balance
  • Encourage kids towards physical activity

So do gift your kid this fun filled game!

A word of caution – make sure that the trampoline not placed near any furniture corner or walls. Also many good trampoline come with handlebar which provides added security. Try to get that.

Hope you will like this toy game!



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