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Aero-Modelling : Help your grownup to unleash his/her creativity!

I had a chance to visit Aeroindia recently. While the show itself is a huge attraction for everyone, more so for kids, it also helps them in developing their interests towards aeroplanes and related desciplines.

While returning back, we stopped at a stall from airsports.in. My younger got interested in one very small toy plane. It was quite interesting. You make the plane, shoot it in the air and it comes back to you flying. Interesting isn’t it. Look at the photos below. But what interested me was what airsports.in or other similar guys do and it is that they teach kids “Aero-Modelling”.

Aero-Modelling is a hoppy of building model aircrafts and other similar flying objects like drones. Starting from small toy planes like the one shown in the photo I have uploaded to more bigger models. Aero-modelling is both science and art.

There is science in how these are designed and art in how these are flown 🙂

There are training institutes like airsports who teach to make and fly such models apart from teaching kids on the history and basic aeronautics which help generating interested in them.  It helps them unleashing their creativity.

Look at below to get more information





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