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Kids Doodle Studio – Enhance your baby’s creativity early on!

Give your preschooler a paper and pencil and he/she is going to make something on it. They just love to draw or just scribble. But they enjoy it. It is their inherent nature.

And it is good. Kids today are more active. Isn’t it ? and if we do not provide them the right tools to keep them busy, they tend to drift towards TV, Laptops and Tablets and we need to avoid this. Specially when they are this young.

Anyway, the toy which I am trying to talk about today is Doodle Studio for kids. Many options are available in India now.

Doodle studios offer a mess free drawing and doodling experience for kids. The benefits are that it helps your child to

  • create interest in drawing , helps the child to learn how to draw, erase and draw again
  • interpret various shapes and pictures , you can help them as a mother in this activity
  • Enhance their fine motor and gross motor skills. they learn to grasp the doodle and draw it on the board. This helps on hand to eye coordination

All these doodle come with a stylus, designed in such a way that kids of such age are able to hold it well.

So if you have not tried it yet,  do try these out if you have a pre schooler at home.

Below are the pick from NatkhatDuniya.

  1. K’s Kids Doodle Studio, Multi Color
  2. Fisher Price Doodle Pro Slim, Purple
  3. Toyhouse Jumbo Color Magnetic Doodle Board for Kids
  4. Mitashi Skykidz Color Doodle Mini Magic, Multi Color
  5. Craftival CICD-002 Imagi Doodle Double Magic, Multi Color

All these are available on various offline toy stores and online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart. Check them out!



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