Let’s talk about monkeys today!

No we are not going to talk about real monkeys 🙂

We today are going to look at Fingerlings Monkey Toys. Interactive pet toys which are fun to play with. Ideal for 4(+) years old these toys can be a very good addition to your kids toy library.

Though a little bit higher side on price, these toys still are worth a look. Look at one below .. Looks so cute!


These baby monkey toys are fun as they respond to sound, motion and touch!

They are much more interactive. Hanging them upside down makes them move around. Or making some sound will make them look here and there, just like real monkeys.

And these pet monkeys are really adorable. They blink their eyes, swing their tails or talk in their monkely language.

A good toy to carry when you are traveling. Doesn’t take much space, but is quite good to keep your kids engaged.

We found the material to be quite good and safe for kids. Available in different colors , you can definitely look at these interesting toys for your little one!



[amazon_link asins=’B07798THM2,B01N6QF74C,B074G64RZM,B077J5YCGY,B077WBFQ3S’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’010c7-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’096568fd-ffd4-11e7-8d13-35c74cbce81f’]


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