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Looking for a toy for 1 year old to help develop child’s cognitive skills at an early age – try Funskool Kiddy Star Links

This is a a very simple yet powerful toy.  A nice gift for a 1 year old child, this simple toy can help in developing your child’s cognitive skills at very early age.

It’s a set of colorful stars which can be easily interlocked. Easy interlocking links with which stars can be snapped or pulled apart. That is all but its left to kids imagination on how to interlock them and make shapes out them. Have a look at the picture below.

Being a product of trusted brand it’s safe and made up of non toxic material and with safe and circular edges.

It’s a nice toy to improve kids creative abilities as they can experiment with various shapes. Also this can help them learn more about colors and counting.

This also makes a good gifting items for birthdays and return gifts.

So do check these out!

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