Choosing toys for visually challenged kids

We always want to give our kids the best. There are kids who have special needs. There are many kids with conditons that leads to visual impairement, which may or may not be corrected.

However, kids with visual impairment can still learn and develop like other normal kids. And toys play a very important role in their development as with other children.

Kids generally go by the appearance of the toy. For example a bigger and more colorful toy will attract any child. However kids who are visually challanged may not be able to take advantage of how the toy looks.

Hence we have to try getting toys which stimulates all other sesnses of the child. Also called as toys with multi sensory appeal.

This is a very important consideration as it helps baby learn by challenging all their senses and not just vision. Toys with high contrast colors may appeal kids with low vision but may not  be helpful with kids with high level of visual impairment.

So when looking for a toys for such kids it is important to make sure that the

  • toys are safe i.e they are unbreakable and do not have sharp edges
  • Do not have loose moving parts
  • Do not have small parts which can come out
  • Toys which make more sound and different types of sound
  • Toys which are interesting to touch and feel
  • Toys which are soft and pleasing

Some toys like

  • Stack up toys which are simple and safe and help enhancing fine motor skills
  • Block toys can be good as well which offers simple and safe play
  • Leap frog Spin or similar toys which makes pleasing sound when pressed
  • Light Stax which is bright in color and lights up when stacked together. Good for kids with partial impairment.

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