Does your kids has too many battery operated toys?

I read this somewhere – “Research shows that kids learn from play, not toys”. This statement got me thinking. It is a very relevant statement you see. Kids learn more by doing right? They learn most when they play with something which allows them to experiment with their creativity. Be it puzzle, board game, building block or a battery operated toy!


Above statement will get you thinking if battery operated toys provide this possibility! Take the example of a battery operated car.  These toys are so popular. Kids like them a lot. But are they really helping your kids on these three important aspects – Cognitive, physical and social developments.

There are many expensive battery operated toys, adding no value to kids learning ability apart from giving some temporary excitement and fun. Simple toys which make kid use his/her thinking capabilities are much better from learning perspective rather than battery operated toy which just works by itself, with kids standing and watching it move or make sound.

I do not suggest that all battery operated toys are bad. But I feel that we should buy a toy which helps in kids cognitive development. It may be a battery operated toy or a non battery toy, it should add value.

What are you view. Do write back to us!

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