Dolls for your little angel!

Your always want to give your best to your little daughter. The first toy you would have always bought for your little angel is a doll. Why not to give her the best! She has grown. You offer her a chance to select a toy and most probably the first toy she picks up is a doll.
Some studies suggest that children choose toys for their gender and hence its natural for girls to pick a doll.

But then lets not get into those research topics. That is not the aim of this post. Lets look at some beautiful doll options which you can get for your little angel. They deserve the best in the world!


Dolls as a toy has been around for ages.We have wooden dolls, clay dolls which has been in use in almost all the cultures.

But in modern times, there is one company which made doll also as famous is an american toy company called as Mattel Inc and the doll name is Barbie.
Barbie has been the most successful doll toy for the last 50+ years. What good, Barbie has doll with India theme.

But then there are other important toy companies. Disney has a huge collection of doll types. Starting from Classic dolls, they have Singing and talking doll toys, plush doll toys etc. All these dolls are very adorable and many of the dolls are a model of famous Disney movie characters like Alice.

Apart from dolls you can also buy merchandise related to these famous brands. Like you can buy clothes with Barbie themes or Alice themes etc.

Where to buy?
Almost all good eCommerce sites have Barbie dolls or Disney dolls in India. You can try other toy sites like firstcry etc.



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