Unbreakable toys – Strong build and long lasting

We all have this situation that we buy a toy for our little one and they break it with in few days. And they are supposed to break it !! In-fact as a parent we love to say that .. oh my kid broke it with in a day or two .. on I have a very destructive toddler … isn’t it :):):) So why not to look at the unbreakable toys – Strong build and long lasting toys

Unbreakable toys - Strong build, long lasting toys

Kids have to be active and tossing around the toys. However we as a parent are worried as well as the broken part of the toy may cause injury or have the possibility of kids putting the small parts in the mouth which can be very very dangerous.

Fortunately there are good options now a days and there are many toys available in the market which are unbreakable.  Few tips –

  • These toys are strong and durable and do not break easily and you need to make sure that high quality plastic or steel. For example high quality ABS plastic
  • Buy a set with variety. They come in multiple shapes like A bulldozer with a digging arm, a dump truck, a farmer tractor and a concrete mixer truck, car set, aeroplane etc and you should buy the assorted set. If the child is not able to break it, he/she will not get new soon and may get bored 🙂
  • Bright colors and pleasing to eyes. Kids get attracted towards it. Make sure that they are in assorted colors.
  •  Also make sure the toys have smooth edges

Remember all these toys help in kids early development.. they help improve hand eye coordination, muscular development, distinguishing and identification abilities, memory building, balancing, sensory perception and coordination skills…

These are great toys for kids .. Buy and forget. unbreakable toys – Strong build and long lasting toys . Do give them a try ..

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